5 Tips to Achieve the Ultimate Salon Experience

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

We know that your trip to the salon comes at a price. You're taking time out of your busy schedule and breaking out your wallet! However, the experience is worth it all if you leave the salon feeling excited about your new 'do and energized by the time spent indulging on yourself! A good stylist works hard to make your experience in the salon pleasurable and relaxing, as well as providing the best service possible with his or her skillset. Getting the most out of your time in the chair is important, so here are a few tips to help you maximize your time and money and walk out of the salon looking and feeling your very best!


....or even a few minutes early. Yes, I know sometimes you get to the salon and have to wait. That leaves you thinking, "I could have stopped for coffee, gas, to pee...", but I've never met a hairstylist who makes anyone wait as long as most doctors, and they provide Pap smears and colonoscopies! That said, what you're waiting for in the salon will end up being worth the wait and your feet will never be in stirrups!

Stylists book appointments, and sometimes double book, pretty tight. One client running late can set off a domino effect for the stylist and getting back on track is very stressful. Stylists totally understand that things happen, days go bad, and sometimes arriving at all is simply a miracle! The moral of the story is this: if your stylist knows you value your appointment time as much as she does and that you respect her schedule, she will take more time to perfect your style and your visit will not feel rushed. That consideration and respect will go a long way when the day comes that you're in a pinch and your stylist is willing to stay late or skip lunch to see you!


Hopefully your stylist consistently takes the first few minutes of your appointment to talk about your hair, rather than giving an update on her divorce or his last vacation. This is your time to remind your stylist about what you talked about last time (growing longer, thinning issues, seasonal humidity) and share what is and isn't working since your last appointment. For some, this consultation is simply a matter of you saying, "keep doing what you're doing." If you have pictures of your hair goals, that's great! It is also helpful to have pictures of what you do not want! Sometimes that is as good of information as the pictures of your desired goals. If making a major change is part of your plan, come in ready to do so! Wavering at this moment really tests the patience of your stylist, as he or she has to decide whether to talk you down from the ledge or tell you to just do it already! This is the moment of truth and you're on the clock, so embrace your decision and go for it! Most importantly, no tears until you're off the premises!!


If you're looking for a $10 haircut, go getcha one! But when you do, don't cry about it if the stylist you saw couldn't give you everything you wanted in 20-30 minutes making minimum wage! On the other hand, if you LOVE your hair and feel great, but you're feeling a little sticker-shocked, keep in mind that the "you get what you pay for" rule applies here! A good cut or chemical service comes at a price to the stylist and in order to make a living, rather than feed a hobby, she must charge you. After re-couping herself for the disposable products used on you, rent, insurance, taxes, education, clean towels,......a good stylist deserves to make a good living as well! I assure you that when you skip out of the salon feeling like a million bucks, you've gotten what you paid for!


It takes about 2 more minutes to leave with your next appointment on your calendar. The beauty of this is that everything else in your life can be scheduled around that most important commitment of treating yourself to some "me time". And as a bonus, required maintenance is scheduled, and you will appreciate that when the big stuff comes up and you've got great hair! You're killing your stylist, who has grown to love you, when you call or text with the urgent need for a good 'do for that big date, job interview, or whatever your emergency is and she is booked solid! She's got a life too, and as much as she wants lunch or to pick up her kid from daycare on time, she wants you to look good and feel pretty for your big thing! If you're a pre-booker and you've gotta get in off-schedule, despite your pre-booking efforts, your stylist will have mercy on you without slipping in a curling iron burn for revenge. (Just kidding, we would never ever do that!)


While you're kicking around town sucking up all kinds of compliments on your great hair, don't forget where it came from! Ok, maybe God blessed you with killer curls or natural red hair, but your stylist feels no shame in taking credit for those gifts! When your swag gets you noticed, pass along the compliment to your stylist and tell the generous complimenter that she, too, can look just as good if she sees your guy!

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